Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between  Avant-Garde, William and Company Floral Design Studio and AG Bridal Packages?
Avant-Garde provides an in person design consultation, a written proposal unique to the individual client’s dreams, site visits, production meetings with your consultant, yourself and the venue manager. Changes and updates can be made to your proposal up to 3 weeks prior your event date. We never want any last minute surprise for you or your family so we always do a complete table set up, including floral and décor before your wedding date for your final approval. Avant-Garde has an experienced team to set up your dream vision along with a timely crew to disassemble and clean up your dream vision the night of your event.

AG Bridal Packages provides the same quality of floral and décor items, but in individual packages for the client who orders directly from the website. There can be a delivery or pick up, but no set and no tear down.

Can I order from both companies for the same event?
No… Online with AG Bridal Packages or Full service with Avant-Garde.

Can I receive the same price for floral and decor items from AG Bridal Packages if I work with Avant-Garde?
You can. Any floral on the website of AG Bridal Packages can be used in your Avant-Garde proposal, but once there are changes made to those floral items while working with Avant-Garde, those prices may change.

Any décor items on the website of AG Bridal Packages which you want, can be purchased can be used in your Avant-Garde proposal but it will revert to a rental item and be returned to Avant-Garde.